What is the underlying message in the below picture?

What is the underlying message in the below picture?

I see this racist suspect female has a stethoscope and is depicted “examining” this beautiful NW child supposedly to “help” him. But when I look at the picture I see a vampire siphoning this child’s essence. Racist suspect females can readily appear to be genuinely concerned. They can literally “love” the very life force, sanity and logic out of NW people. Beware! Wake up to having been lulled to sleep believing it is “the white man” that is the problem. His female is half of the problem NW people face worldwide. Do not aspire to “love” like racists have done and continue to do. Give them back their psychopathic “love.” Their “love” kills millions… the earth, the animals, the air, the water and NW people worldwide.


By sangomah

It’s not due to the color, the hair texture, the lip thickness, nose width…


Rm, Rw, and Rc aka socio/psychopaths/malignant narcissists/cesspoolians refuse to see Black people as humans with a Creator given right to just BE. I get bored hearing victims reciting like it’s a mantra- this Black person or that Black person was murdered or savaged in some way because he/she/they were Black.

CORRECTION! It is not because we are Black. It is because Rm, Rw, Rc are incurably and demonically insane. That is the hard part for us to get.

Here’s the simple part. Repeat after me until it becomes one of your mantras, lock it in:

“There is nothing wrong with my skin color, my nose, my hair, etc. There are MANY THINGS wrong with racists/white supremacists. I, as a Black person, am magnificent and made in the image of the Most High All- Source. I am a precious part of the holy macrocosm! The Divine/Divinities placed me here to do the work I must do to assist in returning this sacred planet back to a just world for huemen and huewomen to thrive in.”

I understand why we as victims blame ourselves, truly I do. I am not coming down hard on the global family.

But we must stop it because the Rm, Rw and Rc will never stop it for us.

It was not because James Byrd, Jr. was ______.

It was not because Amadou Diallo was ______.

It was not because Emmett Till was ______.

It was not because my father was ______.

It is not because my mother is ______.

It was not because countless millions were/are ______.

The Herero…

The Rwandans…

The Tasmanians…




ad nauseum…




By sangomah

At face value… the why of this?

“Black does not crack!” I have heard this saying my entire life. I have seen the truth of this saying with my own two eyes. Black that is mesmerizing. Black that defies time. Black that is exquisite to the eye- breathtaking in its smoothness, its perfection. Chronologically older family members, spry, full of life, wisdom and when they wanted to- could dance me to a chair and summarily sit me down while they took over the floor. Black that never cracked. Sonorous voices. Clear minds. Beautiful.

Yes, I am blessed to witness the truth of this statement. However… there is another side to this statement. The side that is not smooth. It is not pretty. It is hideous- at least to me. I’m Black and I cracked.

This blog will share both sides, with more emphasis on the side that isn’t so pretty. There are changes taking place in the Non-white (NW) community; specifically the so-called Black community. Rampant overweight and morbid-obesity among more of our women (and men to a lesser extent), bad health in general: hypertension, diabetes, amputations, prostate dis-ease, fibroids, ad nauseum and more Black people- young and old in wheelchairs than I ever remember seeing.

Something has cracked. There are people talking about the changes.

I want to add my voice.

I need to speak my truth.  Hello WORLD. I’m here!

I will be updating this page slowly. Bear with me over the upcoming weeks.

Medase! (Thank you)


we loved, in spite of

By sangomah